Extended Play (EP): a medium-length album that has a fewer number of songs than an LP or full-length album, usually four to six songs long.

I believe that everyone has an EP in their life right now and they don’t even know it. Your EP can be about how you’re feeling at the moment, where you are in life, or it can about someone else. There are always those few selections in your library that always hit you at the right time and it stays with you for as long as they can. Music truly helps people in any situation they’re in which is why I wanted to do this series. I asked four good friends of mine to create an EP to describe their life right now. In the second edition of the Mid-2021 EP, I talk to public relations guru, Esther, about the five songs she chose for her project.

‘All In’ by Al Feury featuring Tre Romell

I love this track because it’s talking about how to just focus. I’m tunnel vision when it comes to my goals right now. I’m doing a lot of things right now and with those things, I have to be all in. I have to put 100% in and keep going until I reach my goal or accomplish whatever task I need to. For example, I’m working on this creative brand, Dream Team, that I have on the side. We’re doing a lot of storytelling and we have a montage video coming out called “We Outside.” I’m learning a lot of things so I have to be focused. Also, I’m very hands-on at my church and always busy doing something. My relationship with God is one of my biggest priorities. I’m all in whether people are coming with me or not. I’m going to reach my goals.

‘Peace’ by Mannywellzn & Tems

He’s a local artist from the DMV and that song resonated with me. There’s a lot of bad habits that I have to say goodbye to so I’m working on improving myself. Those little things like cutting down social media really help me.

‘Fine Wine’ by DJ K.O featuring Dumey

This song is a bop! It’s just a feel-good song overall and it just makes me want to dance. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the store or at home, I’m dancing. It’s a good vibe and I’m all for good vibes.

‘Forever Humble’ by Blxst

I feel like the title of the song speaks for itself. People always tell me that I’m doing so many things, but I’m forever humble. Whatever I’m doing is not by me, but by the grace of God. I’m always going to be humble because I have the support and help of people.

‘When Worlds Collide’ by Ty Brasel

This song is the truth. There’s a line in the song that goes:

“When I call on Jesus name

Demons flee and everything change”

Jesus is my source. God is my source of everything. So when I’m down bad, I can just call on Jesus’ name and be at peace.

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“being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision”