Life After Graduation: The Series (Taylor’s Story)

Deon Egenti
5 min readJun 27, 2018

Taylor Anderson

Hometown: Dallas, TX (Specifically Metairie)

Major: Psychology

Occupation: Teacher at a Montessori

“Graduating is such a HUGE accomplishment that should inevitably be celebrated by your entire social circle and talked about for months.”

The first big thing you did after graduation:

So the biggest thing I did after I graduated was move across the country to Virginia to attend graduate school. Literally 5 months after I graduated, I moved. Which was probably the worst decision I could have made at that time because I was FAR from prepared. Of course I didn’t move without money, but it was enough. I had a job waiting on me but that didn’t prepare me for the demands of REAL adulthood. I truly enjoyed my time out there and cried many tears. I am so thankful for the relationships I have created and grown from social to workplace. After 6 months, I had to move back home because I exhausted so many possibilities that did not work and my focus turned into surviving instead of what I initially went out there for. So I’ve been in a constant state of transition since November 2017 (laughs in post grad).

The ups and downs you’ve been going through during post-graduation:

Graduating is such a HUGE accomplishment that should inevitably be celebrated by your entire social circle and talked about for months. However, if you don’t have that guaranteed acceptance to that hot shot position…the glamour stops after the photo shoot. Nobody really goes in depth with the “after-life of college” conversation. The only thing that I can think of that’s commonly mentioned is student loans and settling down. Oh, and also how you better have 15 years of experience to get paid $25,000 just so you can get by. However, no one really converses about those moments of depression that breed from such a quick life transition. The work you really have to put in with these jobs applications. Indeed has become my best friend. You have to be your motivator, you have to know who you are: foundation, passion, dislikes, goals. You have to look yourself in the mirror and say “I am not on a strict timeline. I am taking steps to become an impactful factor in something larger than me. However, I am still a key ingredient.” Though I just listed a whole bunch of negatives, post grad life gives you a unexplainable amount of freedom! With this freedom comes responsibility, yes, but to completely understand that you can do ANYTHING that you want to do can sometimes be hard to process. One of my biggest ups with graduating is my social circle has gotten stronger. My love for my friends has gotten stronger. I’ve gained a lifemate! Shout out to her!! I’ve gained a significant other who has seen me at my lowest of lows and loved me through them! He has been amazing since we met. He has made me feel and believe that I’m everything he wants and more. He gets on my nerves, but even his flaws and quirks help me become the person that I’m striving to be. That’s my dude. Besides my circle, I’ve gotten more grounded in myself. I know what I want and I know the path I’m on. It feels good to know that when you wholeheartedly believe that God orchestrates your moves that you can’t lose.

What are you doing now?

Now I am back in Texas, teaching in a Montessori. I’m traveling, creating new hobbies and looking for things to get into. I’m trying to be the best new auntie, but only during the day because I value my sleep. My biggest thing now is trying to make more moves to become established in the education field. It’s been something I’ve been fighting for YEARS, however God used my best friend to lay something on my heart and I literally could not fight it anymore. So I believe I’m doing something that I should’ve been doing a few years ago lol.

What do you want to do later in your life or what are you aiming towards in the future?

For the future, I do plan on moving back to the east coast. Those six months was just a taste but I wasn’t ready. I’ll probably settle in Texas, but I have to go for a little while! My ultimate goal is to make sure that I am standing up for those students who’s voices aren’t being heard for a number of reasons. Children, education, and health are very important to me so my career, my volunteering will be geared towards that. Another thing I’m interested in is interior design. I don’t know if I have watched too much HGTV or what but it’s always been something I want to get into. If anyone is reading this who is a interior designer, let me be your intern! I plan on growing a family as well! Sometimes I say I only want two because children costs a lot, other times I want 5 or more for the culture. We will see what happens.

Any advice that you have for people that are about to start post-graduation or anyone that is going through that post-graduation journey?

For the people who is now just entering post grad life or getting ready to, all I can say is have a plan but be open to your plan changing. What you say you want or your expectations may not come into fruition. That graduate school may not accept you, you may not get that “dream” job, or you won’t be engaged by 23, married by 25, career and house at 27, and 2 kids at 30. Those things may not happen when you want or at all. However, you have to think that things happen for a reason and you have the power to change your mindset, regardless of what is in front of you. This doesn’t mean that negative things aren’t going to phase you because they are. Do not let anyone tell you who you are and what you are capable of. You have the power to create the type of life you want. Peace and Love!



Deon Egenti

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