Life After Graduation: The Series (Tevin’s Story)

Tevin Ellis

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Major: Criminal Justice Legal Assistance (CJLA)

Occupation: Currently a full time franchise manager for a top 3 distribution industry. Also a full time DJ.

“Honestly, the work that I am doing now is what I want do forever but of course at a greater capacity.”

The first big thing you did after graduation:

Tevin: After leaving SFA, another accomplishment came in February of 2018 when I became a sworn in member of the Board of Directors for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The ups and downs you’ve been going through during post-graduation:

Tevin: Majority have all been conflict within self. Meaning, I’ve had to do a lot of praying and searching for what my purpose truly is and what step is next in my life for me.

What are you doing now?

Tevin: Currently, one of the biggest tasks on my plate is finalizing all preparations for the NAACP annual convention which will be held in San Antonio, TX this year. This tasks keeps me busy due to the amount of conference calls and emails that flood my inbox but I seemingly make it all work for me while still balancing a 75 hour work week.

What do you want to do later in your life or what are you aiming towards in the future?

Tevin: Honestly, the work that I am doing now is what I want do forever but of course at a greater capacity. When it comes to NAACP I am content with continuing to push forth the legacy of the association but I am also glad to be able to restructure the image of what the youth play within the NAACP as a member of the NextGen program. When it comes to UPS, I have not only envisioned myself becoming the youngest black male franchise owner but I have also been reached out to about potential buyer opportunities by other franchise owners. So hopefully that vision comes to fruition; God’s Plan. Lastly, DJ’ing is one of my creative hobbies that has manifested itself into becoming profitable so I am absolutely going to continue to DJ for the rest of my life if God says the same.

Any advice that you have for people that are about to start post-graduation or anyone that is going through that post-graduation journey?

Tevin: My advice is concise but concrete: Buckle Up. This next stretch of road on your life’s journey is going to be uncharted by you but paved by others. A lot of things will be new and challenging but if you follow God’s Plan for Survival (GPS) then you should be able to find the right direction. In addition. don’t get so caught up in the “Grind in your 20's” saying that you forget to take a step back from the world every few weeks and recharge your mind, body, and spirit because if you don’t it could be detrimental. You’re young and vibrant so I encourage everyone to enjoy this ride, make lasting memories, build those relationships, do all you can do to accomplish your goals,and lastly MAKE.IT.FUN!

“being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision”

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