Meelz’s Mid-2021 EP

Deon Egenti
3 min readJun 16, 2021

Extended Play (EP): a medium-length album that has a fewer number of songs than an LP or full-length album, usually four to six songs long.

I believe that everyone has an EP in their life right now and they don’t even know it. Your EP can be about how you’re feeling at the moment, where you are in life, or it can about someone else. There are always those few selections in your library that always hit you at the right time and it stays with you for as long as they can. Music truly helps people in any situation they’re in which is why I wanted to do this series. I asked four good friends of mine to create an EP to describe their life right now. In the third edition of the Mid-2021 EP, I talk to the podcasting king himself, Meelz, about the five songs he chose for his project.

‘POPSTAR’ by DJ Khaled featuring Drake

I’m known to my friends as a gym nut, but with the pandemic, I’ve shifted all of my health & wellness activities to outside for the most part and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Two years ago I hated running. I don’t run unless I’m being chased. I don’t even run for the bus (because that’s not cool). But with everything previously closed, I started running a couple of miles to stay healthy and I’ve actually become a running nut. The runner’s high is real. The sense of accomplishment is real. The progress is real. DJ Khaled & Drake’s “POPSTAR” has just been the anthem through this entire process. It’s got a good bounce, a good tempo, a good pace, and just overall a great motivator — all of these things are the keys to keep me running and moving forward.

‘Fashion’ by Pop Smoke featuring Polo G

The amount of irrational confidence this song gives me should be illegal. It’s our second New York City summer without Pop, but his presence and spirit are still completely alive. This is my soundtrack when I’m getting ready to go out anywhere because putting a fit together is important but the irrational confidence in believing in what you pull off is just as important. This is for the one pair of sneakers I hit on on the SNKRS app this year.

‘Leave The Door Open’ by Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak

I’m a sucker for R&B that makes you feel. R&B with peaks and valleys instead of just a flat vibe. Either way, this song makes me want to be intimate. I’m a hugger and a real good one. Ask anyone! The pandemic has ruined intimacy quite a bit, but this song might be the cure. At least for me.

‘Levitating’ by Dua Lipa featuring DaBaby

Some days I need a pick up, no lie. Especially after a long night or if I have to go to work and I’m just dreading the commute there. “Levitating” is just one of those songs that’s a good feeling, positive vibes. There’s something sick about me that can imagine Funk Flex throwing this on and doing huge New York ad-libs and dropping bombs on it that adds some power to it for me as well.

‘We Right Here’ by DMX

This song was my anthem for the current run that the Knicks were on. I initially saw it come across my timeline and I think that it personifies the energy that every New Yorker has when it comes to the Knicks. Whether we in it or not, we want the league to know that we here. I went to Game 2 of ATL-NYK and couldn’t stop playing this song after we left. It was electric in Madison Square Garden.

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