My Interview with the Girl… Never Again Podcast

Black women using their voice to express themselves. There’s nothing more powerful than that. It’s amazing to see Black women have a platform to talk about how they feel about their life, relationships, insecurities, etc. And that’s exactly what Nana, Wynter, and Trinity are doing with their podcast “Girl… Never Again”. These three Black women have been able to create a space for them to talk freely. More importantly, they have been able to create their own entities individually. “Girl… Never Again” is more than just a podcast. It’s a bond, a friendship, and most importantly: a sisterhood. I talk to the three creators of the podcast about how they met, “scented trash bags”, Wynter’s OnlyFans account, and much more.

We tried to come up with a whole bunch of names and then she said, “What if we call it Girl… Never Again?”

How did you three meet?

Wynter: I went to high school with Nana so that’s how we met. I think it was in dance class?

Nana: Yeah, freshman year in 2011. I met Trinity at Prairie View in class in 20-

Trinity: 2017

Nana: Was it 2017?

Trinity: Yeah, I transferred to Prairie View in 2017.

Nana: So we had a class together that year and we didn’t even talk until we had an internship together in the summer of 2019.

Trinity: In both of the classes that we had together we actually sat next to each other.

Wynter: I didn’t meet Trinity until summer of 2019 after they started working together.

Nana: The first time that Trinity and Wynter met; Wynter was just being herself and Trinity said, “Did I do something wrong? Does she not like me or something?”

What made you guys want to create the podcast “Girl… Never Again”?

Nana: Well, Wynter was the first one that actually wanted to create it. I always wanted to do one, but I never did it. Wynter said, “No, we need to go ahead and start it.” After that, Wynter and I were talking about it at my apartment and Trinity asked, “Can I do it too?”

Wynter: Nana and I were trying to come up with names and we just couldn’t figure out what to call it. We thought of Texas Girls or-

Nana: We thought of Black Gossip Girls or something like that.

Wynter: We tried to come up with a whole bunch of names and then she said, “What if we call it Girl… Never Again?” I said that’s a good idea! It just stuck so we called it that.

You guys had an episode where you three talked about “scented trash bags”. Who created that term and what does it mean? Also, do you guys deal with them?

Trinity: Nana and I created that. We were on the phone and we were talking about one of the guys that we used to talk to.

Nana: Rashaun. We were talking about Rashaun.

Trinity: And we said that he was nice on the outside but terrible on the inside. I think we said it at the same time that he was a “scented trash bag.” That just stuck so that was going to be the name of our next episode.

Wynter: Nana, do you consider who you’re dealing with right now a “scented trash bag”?

Nana: No, I know exactly who I’m dealing with right now.

Wynter: I’m not dealing with a “scented trash bag” either. Trinity?

Trinity: I’m definitely not.

It basically goes me, Nana, and Trinity as far as who doesn’t give a fuck and who does.

You three had a transgender guest who talked about his transition from a woman to a man and how it affected his relationships. Why was it important for you guys to have that conversation on the podcast?

Nana: Wynter and I personally knew him in high school. We have not seen him since he was a girl. I think the overall thing for me was that I wanted to know the story.

Wynter: I wanted to know the story too and I knew it would be interesting. I don’t know if we have many trans listeners, but if we do have trans listeners, then that would be an interesting and informative episode for people who are not trans so they can get some insight.

Wynter, you created an OnlyFans account last year. What made you want to create one and what have you learned since then?

Wynter: I had created the OnlyFans account because I was posting a lot of twerk videos and sexy content on Twitter. And people kept saying, “Oh my God, make an OnlyFans.” “I’ll pay you for your content.” I didn’t do it at first because I didn’t want people to think things about me that they already think now. However, around Christmas time, I was broke and I didn’t get my family anything for Christmas so I felt really defeated. I needed to be in my bag for 2020 so I started an OnlyFans. I dropped that link and on my first day I made $1300. I told myself that when I start making $5000 a month, I’ll quit my job. However, $5000 came too easy so when I made $10,000 I left my job. It’s been up for me ever since then. Yeah, I’m posting sexual content on Twitter, but I’m also being myself and a lot of people like that. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I don’t regret a thing. I made over $100K this year and it’s only July. I feel like I gained my power back as a woman because growing up I always had people threatening to leak my nudes. Now, I tell them to go ahead because I have the power to get it removed. It’s actually good publicity for me because it makes people want to subscribe and pay me. It was definitely a good decision that I made.

Nana, you are the owner of the clothing brand “The Nokk Shop.” What made you want to start your own business?

Nana: I just wanted something that I would enjoy doing as a hobby that could also generate income. And we would talk about all these ideas about starting our own empires. However, I was never really serious. I already knew that it would be a bunch of hard work so I knew that if I start it, then I’m not going to quit it. What really made me want to start it was because my supervisor was a bitch. I said, “I need to get the fuck up out of here.” I needed something to keep me looking forward to the day I quit. That was it. If you didn’t know, The Nokk Shop is my initials. My full name is Nana Owusuwaa Kwayie-Kyem.

Trinity, you have been recently taking real estate classes.What has that journey been like for you?

Trinity: I always had an interest in flipping houses so I started my real estate courses in September 2019 while I was still an undergrad. Since I was an undergrad, it took me a little while to finish, but I finally finished all of my courses in February. However, once I finished it, that’s when I got hired at my 9–5 and that took up most of my time. So like Nana said the supervisor was a bitch and I needed something to get out of there. I put my real estate packet together, sent it off, I got it approved, and I became a licensed real estate agent.

Is it difficult for you guys to not give out too much information about your personal lives on the podcast?

Nana: Yes.

Trinity: Yes.

Wynter: It’s not for me personally because I’m an open book. This is the thing for me: I will talk about anything. I don’t really care.However, when they were working the jobs that they had, there were certain things that they could or could not say. For me, I could say what I want to say but I also have to withhold information because I don’t want to be the one oversharing.

Nana: I feel like I am the main one oversharing.

Wynter: You do but you don’t really say. Me? I would say names, but y’all don’t say names so I don’t say names.

Nana: You know, I say a few names.

Trinity: I’m probably the most reserved in the group. I share the least amount of information for sure. I just don’t want everybody knowing my business like that.

Wynter: I’m naked on the internet so I really don’t care. I can share information about whatever. It basically goes me, Nana, and Trinity as far as who doesn’t give a fuck and who does.

Any advice for Black women that would want to start their own podcast?

Wynter: Download Anchor.

Nana: Yeah, it’s not that hard. You’re going to get “podcast block”. It’s okay.

Wynter: As you do more episodes, you struggle trying to find topics to talk about. However, we are constantly going through stuff in life so we are constantly developing stories. It’s also okay to take breaks when you have “podcast block” so you can recoup. We’re all busy with our lives. We have literally shared almost everything, so what do we talk about now?

Trinity: I’d definitely say if they want to do it, then do it. You just have to make sure that you put in the time and dedication to make it successful.

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