Opeyemi’s Mid-2021 EP

Deon Egenti
3 min readJun 17, 2021


Extended Play (EP): a medium-length album with fewer songs than an LP or full-length album, usually four to six songs long.

I believe that everyone has an EP in their life right now and they don’t even know it. Your EP can be about how you’re feeling at the moment, where you are in life, or it can about someone else. There are always those few selections in your library that always hit you at the right time and it stays with you for as long as they can. Music truly helps people in any situation they’re in, so I wanted to do this series. I asked four good friends of mine to create an EP to describe their life right now. In the fourth and final edition of the Mid-2021 EP, I talk to aspiring model and actress, Opeyemi, about the five songs she chose for her project.

‘Neither One of Us’ by Gladys Knight & The Pips

I chose this song because I like it and it describes the situation at my previous job. Although this particular speaks on a love that Gladys knows will NEVER work, she still doesn’t want to say goodbye to the toxic situation and that reminds me of my job in a way. I hated my job if I’m completely honest because it was toxic, but I never wanted to say goodbye to it because it was my money source and I enjoyed working with kids. Deep down I knew that I wouldn’t be there forever but I didn’t want to say goodbye… Until I was forced.

‘Enjoy’ by Tekno

I chose this song because currently in my life since I’ve been fired I’ve realized that no one should be somewhere where they aren’t happy and instead go where they are appreciated. This life is very short so it is important we enjoy it. This song gives me a very happy feeling and it reminds me to enjoy myself. I have to listen to this song at least three times a day! Oh, and it makes me dance so this song is one for the books.

‘Brighter Day’ by Kirk Franklin

I had to throw some gospel in here. This song is amazing because, just like the title, there’s always gonna be a brighter day no matter how bad things may seem. God has a way of showing you he still has everything under control!

‘No Cryin’’ by DVSN featuring Future

This song is so true because ain’t nobody tryna cry in the club! I am a BOSS. Although this song talks about a girl bossin’ up on a nigga, this has nothing to do about a dude in my life but just life in general! Life is going to take you through some turns for sure, but you can’t let it stop you. You just gotta accept things for what they are and keep it MOVING and that’s the state I’m in currently.

‘Bad Influence’ by Naira Marley

This song is just a vibe! That’s all I really have to say. I genuinely love this song.

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