Trying to Deal with Uncertainty: My First Listen to Pilot Perc’s “Smile” (feat. Ro Davis)

“I’ve been trying to make my way so I can hold it down. Only 23 I’m still figuring things out.” Those two lines are from the hook of Pilot Perc’s new song “Smile.” Those were the words that struck me when I first listened to the song. It took me back to a feeling that I once had in college. The feeling of uncertainty and not knowing what’s next for you. The feeling that everything is not going as planned. It’s a scary process, but it’s real and normal. That is what rising artists Pilot Perc and Ro Davis conveyed: real and normal feelings.

Pilot Perc is an artist from Florida who is finding light in the midst of darkness. It’s not an easy task by any means, but it’s something that he constantly reminds himself. It’s something that we have to remind each other of. We have to remind each other to smile even when it feels like things are going wrong in our lives. It’s okay to feel lost and confused. We should all be comfortable with acknowledging that. However, it can be hard for some people to understand and relate to that. Pilot raps in his first verse about how he struggles to get people to understand his feelings. He goes on about how hard he has worked to get to this point and that he still somehow loses his grip. However, he always tries to find the light at the end of the tunnel. He understands that he’s young with a whole lot of life ahead of him. He knows that some people can’t walk in his shoes. He realizes that the struggle is real. However, it doesn’t mean that he can’t find a way to smile through it all.

As the song continues we get a verse from, Ro Davis, an artist raised in Atlanta. He talks about how he’s trying to get to the money while rising as an artist. He goes on to talk about his mother who can’t believe that he’s accomplishing his goals in life. His verse exemplifies what it feels like when you have something to prove. He has such sure confidence that his time is coming despite everything that’s going on. In the meantime, he just wants to fly high and enjoy the ride.

The song brings a lot into perspective. It expresses how life can be and how we should try to handle it. It’s a unique journey with a lot of challenges thrown at you. The question is: How are you going to deal with it? As someone in their 20's, I constantly try to find the positives out of every situation. I had to always motivate myself to overcome obstacles that were standing in my way. I had to believe in myself and what I was doing in order for me to move forward with my passions. I just recently got laid off and it did hurt. I’m not going to lie. However, I felt it was a sign for me to actually work on my personal projects. It gave me an opportunity to move forward to bigger and better things. It may be a challenge, but it is a challenge that I’m willing to take and I’m going to smile through all of it. Make sure to take care of yourself, check on your loved ones, and most importantly: smile.

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“being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision”